Vocational Training Services 

Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT)

Vocational Adjustment Training Program provides the client with an opportunity to acquire the personal and social adjustment skills essential to participate in job search activities with the ultimate goal of securing a job and keeping the job.

During our Training

Vocational Adjustment Training is provided on an individual basis or in a group setting. The training is outlined in a one week period, with different topics introduced each day, followed by group discussion/participation and practice exercise to strengthen the clients personal, social and work adjustment skills.

Topics covered

Self-confidence: Learning to create a positive self-concept. Creating the proper image is the key to good impressions.

Character Development: Learning to commit to becoming responsible, self-disciplined citizens even when faced with challenging situations.

Goal Setting: Creating goals that are specific, realistic and achievable. Time Management: Learning to keep a good planning system and focusing on priorities.

Socially appropriate skills at work: Associating with new acquaintances and learning how to deal with difficult coworkers.

Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution/Work Ethics/Traits: Developing good work values while maintaining an honest, reliable and cooperative attitude.

Communication Skills: Developing good listening, speaking, body language and non-verbal expressions as a means to communicate effectively.

Personal/Financial/ Money Management: Learning how to budget, spend and save money wisely. Opening a checking account, writing checks and using a debit card.

Daily Living Skills, Hygiene & Grooming: Developing proper grooming, dressing & good hygiene practices essential for continued success in the workplace.

Transportation: Developing good planning and organizing skills when utilizing personal or public transportation.

Disability Awareness: Learning to make an informed decision on disclosing a disability. Dealing with improper disability etiquette. Being aware of our individual strengths, transferable skills as well as weaknesses.

Interviewing skills Application training/resume development: Developing successful interviewing techniques. Self-evaluation through a series of recorded mock interviews. Learn to complete an employment application efficiently.