Vocational Training Services 

Job Readiness Training (JRT)

Vista Vocational Resources Center, Inc. offers comprehensive job readiness services that includes job preparation and vocational training. These services are available and have been offered to job seekers with physical, mental health, and cognitive disabilities including classes instructed in American Sign Language, Spanish and English. These classes have also been taught to transition high school students with disabilities. 

During our Training

You can expect a program that is tailored to meet individual needs, a dedicated staff who will assist the client's job seeking skills and a supportive environment where the client can express employment needs.

Topics Covered

Job Preparation: Including learning how to utilize the most effective means of finding a job, resume preparation, job searching methods, completion of an application form and enhancing interviewing skills.

Job Retention

Job Promotion Skills

The Job Readiness curriculum can be adapted to focus on the barriers to employment for those disabled individuals that have a criminal record. We are experienced at working with ex-offenders, and can assist with preparing clients for overcoming challenges faced during the job search process as wells in job retention.